About Us

Our parent company JOAX Ingredients & Food Development Corporation
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paved the fastest route for our coming into being.

Predicating on the parents’ 38 years of know-how, in 2016,
daughter Cha Morados Abad backed up by years of brand marketing experiences, here and abroad,
earned from known multi-nationals:
Monde-Nissin and Procter & Gamble, set up
Manila Q-Technological Food Innovators, Inc.
and presented
Manila Q
as its "carrier brand".

Manila Q sells technologically "innovated" or "created" Filipino per serve recipes,
sauces, dips, dressings, marinades, batters, rubs
and commercial volume processed-frozen meat products.

The top-notch quality products we launch, painstakingly maintain
and heartbreakingly cause staff termination if production systems, procedures and
standards are not strictly followed, equip us with the most "consistent end results"
… the types of offerings we always want to serve you.

Now, Manila Q shares JOAX’ vision, mission and endevours.

…read on for more of Manila Q’s products.
Other food brands, concept and product line-up
are detailed in FOOD BRANDING section.

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